Graphic Arts & Type
Soulia Elements Therapies, Oct 2023

Soulia Elements Therapies provides client focussed massage and luxury aromatherapy products in London. Louisa Sisson, the founder, asked me to create a brand identity with her that works for both sides of the business. The identity is made up of four brand elements that can be combined together across stationery, gift vouchers, packaging and online.

One: an eye
Inspired by the third eye, this minimal eye includes an optical sunburst graphic and is the soul element.

Two: A letterfall
The name is drawn in bespoke mono-width letters that cascade downwards with the lightness of fleeting thoughts.

Three: a monogram
Giving weight and anchoring different graphic applications, the monogram brings together the three first letters and forms the bones of the brand - crossing over and offering structure.

Four: a rose grey palette
A grey, warmed up with a little rose softens the elements and is the tissue of the brand. Used under black and white photography and to define digital spaces.